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About Us


Introducing "Mirkazi" – a brand that seeks transcends the limitations of traditional sizing. With a vision of inclusivity and style, Mirkazi brings forth a collection that caters to every man who embodies intelligence, confidence, and a keen eye for contemporary fashion.

Mirkazi's philosophy is rooted in the belief that style knows no bounds, and fashion should embrace all body types and sizes. Embracing this ethos, their collections are thoughtfully designed to cater to gentlemen of every shape and form, ensuring that no man is left behind when it comes to dressing in vogue.

The brand's name itself, "Mikrazi," meaning scissors, symbolizes their cutting-edge approach to fashion. Just like a skillful craftsman wields scissors with precision, Mirkazi finely tailors their garments to ensure a perfect fit, regardless of size. Every piece is meticulously crafted to complement and celebrate the unique individuality of each wearer.

Under a combination of fine quality and rousing prints and fabrics we strive to create relevant designs to the new trends. By connecting to the local artisans and the new designs, we aim to Strive beyond for the explored.